Sunday, 21 October 2007

Single Sarko

Not sure the French public will really care as much as we do about Sarkozy's extra-marital shenanigans and divorce. In the past they have been much more objective about the issue, taking affairs and long-term lovers as a given. The attitude towards the Lewinsky scandal in the US was a Gallic shrug. I think the Daily Mail might report on Sarko's singledom longer than the French papers, although I could be wildly wrong. Don't think Le Divorce will deter him from waxing lyrical on La Famille though.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Food, glorious food

Two of the three articles I looked at this morning on Brown's approval of the EU Treaty described what he ate at the EU dinner the night before. Is this normal? Do we need to know?

For the record, they ate vegetable crepes, grilled sole, and chocolate cake (the Independent goes into more detail for any foodies out there.) This was mentioned in paragraphs two and three. I suppose it's a way of getting colour in the piece, but is this level of detail necessary? And why were we not told what they drank? Were they wasted on champagne while waving through the tedious details? Why are we not told what lunch consists of at all official meetings?

I thought it was quite interesting how the context of each article gave the same detail a different tone.

The Mail, (which also has a quote from the UKIP leader describing what would happen "in a SENSIBLE world..."), made Brown seem like a decadent chancer who had just turned up for the free meal: 'He took the biggest gamble of his short Premiership over a dinner of vegetable crepes, grilled sole and chocolate cake.'

The Independent made Brown part of a committed struggle, 'seeking to reassure', 'beginning tasks', and 'safeguarding' red lines, and the description of the meal in this context gave him and the other leaders a civilised air. ('The treaty was discussed last night by EU leaders in Lisbon over a dinner of crêpe of vegetables, grilled sole with saffron rice and chocolate cake and strawberries.')

But was it really necessary?!